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UIF Maternity Application Process

The following is important to note, to be able to claim UIF maternity benefits:

Buy our Complete Maternity UIF DIY Guide for R99 on how to complete the UIF Maternity Application yourself. Also included are all the forms that you need to complete, ready for you to download.

Documents that you will receive include:
  • Complete Maternity UIF DIY Guide (PDF)
  • Form UI2 3 - Application for Maternity Benefits Form (PDF)
  • Salary Schedule Form (PDF)
  • UI 19 (PDF)
  • UI-2.7 (PDF)
  • UI-2.8 (PDF)
Simply click on the button below, submit payment (Securely via Payfast) and you will be taken to the download page, with your complete Maternity UIF DIY Guide (PDF), as well as all the relevant forms (PDF) to complete.

Please feel free to contact us, by sending an email to talita@dryk.co.za, for any questions or comments in regards to the Maternity UIF DIY or how to complete the payment.

Pay Now via Payfast.


Some of the documents required to be handed in with a tender are as follows:
  1. Your baby must be younger than 6 months.
  2. You must be a salary earner who pays UIF monthly.
  3. You can claim if you are a member of a Closed Corporation or a director of a Company and pay UIF monthly.
  4. You cannot claim benefits when you are trading as a sole proprietor.
  5. You cannot claim if you receive your full salary while on maternity leave.
  6. You cannot claim if you claimed other UIF benefits in the last 4 years (excluding maternity).
  7. You must have a South African ID book.
  8. You cannot claim if you are employed by the Government and not contributing to UIF monthly.

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UIF Maternity Application Process