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Domestic UIF - Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about UIF for a domestic worker. Hope this will assist you in some of your questions related to the matter.

1. When must I register my domestic worker for UIF?

The moment your domestic worker works more than 24 hours per month, she need to be registered on UIF at the department of labour.

2. What amounts must be paid to the department of labour?

1% need to be contributed by the employer and 1% need to be contributed by the domestic worker.

3. When and how do I pay the UIF over to the department of labour?

You will be registered on Ufiling and submit and pay the monthly amount to the department of labour. The payment need to be done by the 7th of every month.

4. What forms need to be submitted to the department of labour?

There are several form to be submitted to the department of labour.

- UI 8D - the original registration for the employer
- UI 19 - this document declare any movements of employment status of employees.

5. Since when did it became an obligation to submit UIF for a domestic worker?

The act changes from 1st of April 2003. Feel free to contact us below for any questions you may have related to our Domestic UIF service.


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