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Domestic UIF Registration

The moment your domestic worker is employed for more than 24 hours per month, you need to register yourself as an employer with the department of labour. You will additionally register every domestic worker linked to the UIF employer number issued to you.

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The domestic UIF registration will be done by using to different forms to be submitted to the department of labour.
  • UI 8D - This form register the employer, specifically for an employer for a domestic worker
  • UI 19 - This form confirm the dates and amounts of the service of domestic employee and will link the employee to the employer.
The form will also declare any changes of the employment.

Once this process has been done, you need to do the following:
  • Calculate the back payment of UIF payments, if applicable
  • On a monthly basis, declaring the UIF of all domestic workings employed, and do the payment by the 7th of the following month.
Using Ufiling assist an employer to do the following on a monthly basis.
  • Add and changes to any employee details, as well as declare any new employees.
  • Declare monthly earnings and do the payment by the 7th of the following month.
If all this information is overwhelming to you, do not stress. We are able to take away this administration burden away from you. Our monthly and annual service include the following:
  • Registration of the employer and domestic worker for UIF at the department of labour.
  • Professional payslip on a monthly basis for every domestic worker in service
  • Monthly submission of UIF on Ufiling and payment before the 7th of the following month.
  • Declaration of changes in employment.
  • Calculating back payments to the department of labour. This will be needed if a domestic has been employed before as well.
  • Advice about any question related to the subject.
Feel free to contact us below for assistance or any questions you may have related to our domestic UIF service.

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