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UIF Domestic Workers Payments

The UIF payment for domestic workers are payable monthly via uFiling. The amounts are based on a 1% contributions by the employer and a 1% contributions by the domestic worker. This UIF payment need to be declared and paid via uFiling.

An employer are also obligated to declare back payments for any prior salary payments of the domestic worker. This will be settled once off when an employer register with the department of labour for UIF. In this case, the total liability of 2% of the gross salary will be for the account of the employer and may not be deducted from the domestic worker. A penalty fee of 10% will also be levied to this payment.

We will assist you with a monthly service to assist with the UIF of the domestic workers payments.

Our service include the following:
  • Register the employer (you) with the department of labour. The employer will receive a UIF reference number to use on the monthly declarations to UIF on uFiling.
  • UIF administration regarding changes to domestic workers.
  • Submission of monthly UIF declarations.
  • Monthly professional payslip for every domestic worker
  • Basic contract of employment.
  • Monthly assistance with queries and questions related to UIF domestic workers payments.
Feel free to contact us below for assistance or any questions you may have related to our domestic UIF service.


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